BFM® fitting and Original Equipment Manufacturers

Learn why leading global equipment manufacturers have partnered with BFM® fitting to improve the performance of their equipment.

If you manufacture high quality processing equipment, you take pride in the performance of your equipment.  Once your equipment is connected to the customer's production line, however, the performance of your machines can be hindered by operating inefficiencies.

When customers use low quality clamp type sleeve systems, product leakage and frequent connector failures due to operating pressure are common issues that can reduce the efficiency of your equipment. Partnering with BFM® can provide your customers with long term quality & efficiency that will keep their factories clean & keep the products flowing!

Ideal for sifter applications

The BFM® fitting is ideally suited for all oscillating, gyrating or vibratory equipment.

The most common problem with sifters is poor sealing around the flexible connector leading to a loss of product and serious hygiene issues. The movement of the sifter can easily loosen traditional clamp-and-hose type connections, causing tears and leaks. BFM®'s unique internal snap-fit system creates a perfect seal every time. No more product leakage or build-up at the connection points.

Watch the video below showing product flowing through the BFM® fitting on a Tetra Pak dryer

Oscillating Sifters

Allgaier, Great Western and Rotex sifters that have a large throw (movement) from left to right as well as up and down.

Vibrating Sifters

VAV and Sweco sifters have a far smaller amount of movement when compared to an oscillating sifter, either sideways or up and down.

BFM fitting100% sealedImproved seal under pressure

Eliminate product leakage and dusty plants with 100% sealed BFM® fitting.

BFM® fittings seal from the inside of the pipe. When under pressure, the flexible connector pushes out against the metal cuffs inside the spigot, which tightens and improves the seal -  the more pressure applied, the better the seal, ensuring your equipment always performs optimally.

Seals better under pressure

BFM® vs clamped/hose-clip style connectors under pressure.

Atex compliant for all Dust Zones

BFM® Seeflex 040E Explosion Testing in Slow Motion.


BFM tri Clamp spigot

Improved hygiene with sanitary process connection

BFM® Seeflex 040E is certified for use in USDA and 3-A powder applications.

If you manufacture equipment for pharma, dairy, food, or pet food, you understand your customer's need for perfect hygiene. Production environments need to be kept sterile and the need for cleanliness when switching product runs is crucial. This can be particularly challenging for manufacturers running traditional hose clamp systems.

BFM® is 100% sealed, thus eliminating leaks & dust, complies with regulations in dairy, food and pharma industries, and is halal & kosher certified. This is why leading companies around the world are switching to BFM® fitting and equipment manufacturers see the value of including BFM® on their machines before it even leaves their factories.

Clean in Place

BFM® fitting are easy to flush through for cleaning so you can use them for CIP.

Reduce Downtime

Tyson's maintenance team reduced their cleaning changeover labor costs by 90% by switching to BFM®.

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