BFM® flexible connectors


bfm fitting sealed

BFM® fittings are 100% sealed! No leaks, dust or product build-up, means hygienic facility & process. BFM® fittings are easy to flush through for cleaning.


BFM fitting pressure applications

BFM® fittings provide better performance under pressure & movement. These flexible connectors do not require tools, reducing health & safety risks.



BFM® fittings have extended product life thanks to robust design. Changeovers take less than 40 secs and standardization means you need to keep less stock.

BFM® fittings: A variety of BFM® Flexible Connectors for a huge range of applications.


Full range of BFM® Flexible Connectors

bfm fitting

Special BFM® Flexible Connectors

No. 44 - Tapered Connectors

BFM® fitting Tapered Connectors


These BFM® fittings are see-through, flexible connector transitions that can accommodate different tubing diameters.


BFM® Tapered Connectors - Minimum Lengths

BFM® Tapered Spigots Guidelines

bfm fittings

BFM® fitting Kevlar Covers


BFM® Kevlar Covers are flame retardant and fit over existing BFM® flexible connector. These are typically used to reduce the risk of fire in over pressure and potentially explosive applications.


Blanking Cap

BFM® fitting Blanking Caps


BFM® blanking caps can be used to prevent contamination during clean down or change-over.

They protect products and prevent dust emission into the factory.

BFM fitting with SS ring

BFM® fittings with Support Rings


BFM® fittings molded in integral stainless steel reinforcing ring(s) for high vacuum applications.

Stainless Steel Support (SS) rings can be used to counter the effects of the length of the BFM® flexible connector - As in, a 400mm (16") long connector will hold as much vacuum as a 100mm (4") long connector if it has three support rings (100mm (4") apart.)

The rings also help keep the connector walls open and away from the product flow.

Plastic support rings can also be used for metal detection applications.


BFM tool release

BFM® fitting Tool Release Sleeve


The BFM® fitting Tool Release connector is designed for applications where the BFM® sleeve is mounted close to equipment that is rotating or spinning quickly.

In order to ensure safety the Tool Release Sleeve leverages a tighter fit and the BFM® flexible connector can only be released using a special Tool Release tool.

bfm fitting TR tool
BFM fitting TR sleeves

Special BFM® Flexible Connector Sizes


Standard sizes of the BFM® flexible connector are available in both Seeflex 040 and LM4 fabric in the following dimensions:

  • 4″ (100mm) diameter, standard length, 6″ (150mm)
  • 6″ (150mm) diameter, standard length, 6″ (150mm)
  • 8″ (200mm) – 65″ (1650mm) diam. in 2″ increments, standard length, 8″ (200mm)

Special order sizes of flexible connectors:

  • 4″ – 65″ diameter in 2″ increments, available in the lengths from 4″ – 30″