tapered BFM connector for mismatched pipe size

For process connections where one spigot is larger than the other, BFM® fitting manufactures tapered connectors in various media and sizes. Most connectors offer a tapered option.

  • Designed for use in applications with mismatched pipe diameters.
  • Reduce or control product flow rate by transitioning from a larger diameter pipe to a smaller diameter pipe.
  • Reduce wear on connector walls, especially with abrasive, fast flowing, or hot products, with a smaller diameter inlet transitioning to a larger diameter outlet.
  • Offers better compression option for vertical movement than standard connectors as the small end of the connector nests inside the large end when used on equipment with limited space for vertical movement (Not recommended for constant, regular compressions i.e. more than once an hour).
  • Can be used as a hopper where visibility of product flow is required.

Can be used as a hopper in applications where visibility of product flow is required.

Large tapered connectors can double as feed hoppers to steadily dispense material, preventing production lines from getting overwhelmed. Companies processing granular products like tea, coffee, or cereals understand the complications of handling large quantities at once, as production equipment is designed to manage only a set volume of material at any given time, making infeed control essential.

A tapered connector hopper provides visibility and control over the product being fed into the line, ensuring that downstream equipment operates at maximum efficiency. This solution is vital for maintaining the smooth operation of production lines and preventing bottlenecks.


BFM tapered connector




There are some minimum length guidelines that apply with tapered connectors. View the Tapered Guideline spec sheet for this information.

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