Venting Surge Hopper Connector & Spigot from BFM® fitting

BFM fitting venting surge hopper

The BFM® venting surge hopper system is the latest innovation from BFM® fitting.

Working in league with rotary valve manufacturers, BFM® fitting has produced a venting surge hopper system that is transparent & flexible.

An alternative to traditional steel surge hoppers, the BFM® hopper connector and hopper spigot have built-in partitions that separate the flowing product from the displaced air. This air is then vented up and out through a BFM® breather bag (or filter bag).

Designed to sit right above a rotary airlock valve or a bulk bag loader, this venting surge hopper system is ideal for use as an intermediary hopper to prevent bridging and encourage product flow.

Additionally, the transparent hopper connector allows for product flow visibility without having to open an inspection hatch.

The BFM® fitting hopper system consists of two parts

BFM® venting surge hopper connector

BFM fitting surge hopper connector

A partitioned, transparent & flexible hopper that allows airflow to reduce bridging while providing visibility.

BFM® venting surge hopper spigot

BFM surge hopper spigot

A custom BFM® spigot with an internally welded, angled 'weir' plate designed to match the partitioning in the hopper connector.