Blanking socks are ideal for sifter oversize collection bins are another ideal application for the BFM® concept. Transparent for monitoring fill level and reject consistency, they can also be lined with plastic bags for easy disposal of reject product.

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BFM blanking caps. A transparent, dust-tight cap that snaps into place within a BFM spigot, so you can easily look inside and see your product flow without having to remove and replace it.

BFM Blanking Sock
BFM blanking sock on sifter
BFM blanking bin on sifter
BFM blanking bucket on sifter
BFM fitting blanking sock on sifer

The BFM® Blanking Sock is an ideal sifter 'overs' bin

The BFM® Blanking Sock is used by a wide variety of industries as a sifter 'overs' bin. Easily monitor your overage coming off a sifter with the transparent BFM® Blanking Bin.

BFM® Blanking Sock/Bin snaps into the BFM® spigot without the need for tools. This means emptying and replacing the bin is quick and painless.

The BFM® sock can also be lined with a plastic bag before it's snapped in place, making removal and disposal of the contents even cleaner.

Physical Properties
Surface Finish Gloss/Gloss
Hardness (Shore A) 90
Wall Thickness 0.9 mm / 1/32 inch
Tensile Strength (MPa) 40
Operating Temp Range -25 to 110 ̊C / -13 to 230 ̊F
Max. Surge Temp 120 ̊C / 248 ̊F
Air Permeability 0