LM3 is made from 100% woven polypropylene, and is ideal for low temperature environments, down to -70°C (-94°F).
  • Flexible in low temperature environments (as low as -70°C/-94°F)
  • Perfect for food processing, especially when some breathability is required to alleviate pressure
low temperature bfm connector
Physical Properties
Construction Woven 2x2 Twill
Weight (g/m2) 393
Thread Count (per cm) 23 x 16
Air permeability (cc/cm2/[email protected] w.g.) 10-15
Fiber 100% Polypropylene
Average Tensile Strength (kg) Test Standard ASTM 5034 Warp 522 Weft 745
Finish Sourced and Heat Set
Max Operating Temperature (C°) Minimum Operating Temperature (C°) 130 continuous / 150 surge -70
Color White

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