Tool Release BFM® TR Connectors

BFM Tool Release in action

The BFM® TR (Tool Release) Connector is part of the BFM® Tool Release System

See Also: BFM® TR Spigot


Developed specially for applications where the connector is mounted very close to a rotating or spinning equipment, the TR connector provides additional safety for production and maintenance staff.

The Snap Ring of the BFM® TR connector is manufactured to have a firmer fit than an a standard connector, which also makes it ideal for negative pressure (vacuum) applications.

Once installed, a BFM® TR connector is virtually impossible to remove manually.

It is, however, straightforward to remove using a TR Release Tool.

Simply insert the TR Release Tool into a both the upper and lower BFM® TR spigots.

Caution: Though the firmer TR band is a significant deterrent to manual removal, if an individual is determined enough, it may still be possible.

bfm fitting TR tool

Tool Release BFM® TR Spigots

Smiley Face Tool Release Option

BFM tool release

The new 'Smiley Face' Tool Release option provides an added level of safety for customers who are concerned about their staff using 'make-shift' tools like screw-drivers to remove BFM Tool Release connectors.

Drilled Tool Release Option

BFM TR Spigot

The traditional Drilled TR Spigot is a standard spigot with a 6mm hole is drilled in the position shown above.