CIP with BFM® Connector


BFM® fitting is ideal in CIP (Clean in Place) installations.

Cleaning and maintenance during CIP is incredibly easy with BFM. The sealed connectors are easy to install and remove, reducing downtime considerably.

Additionally, the Seeflex 040E media has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. You can use the connector during the CIP process and easily clean any residual chemicals with a wipe down.

BFM® also manufactures a connector that is clearly marked as ‘Wash Sleeve,’  as many companies like to have a separate connector for the CIP process. This sleeve is snapped into place for the wash cycle only.

Watch the video or view the Cleaning Guides below for more information. 


BFM fitting connector designed to redirect the clean-in-place (CIP) wash fluid.

BFM fitting connector Wash Sleeve for CIP

How to Clean your BFM®

Clean in Place BFM
  • Wash CIP chemicals thoroughly.
  • Wipe both the inside of the spigot and the connector after CIP to remove any residual cleaning chemicals.
  • Do not exceed the concentration levels listed below.

ACID: No more than 0.8%
CAUSTIC: No more than 1.5%