BFM® fitting videos

What is the BFM® fitting connector & spigot system?

Eliminate the traditional hose & clamp system with our revolutionary snap-in, flexible BFM® Connector and BFM® Spigot. No leaks, no dust, no tools required!

Watch an introduction below and also see video demonstrations of the BFM® system in action.

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BFM® fitting applications - Video Demonstration

BFM fitting is Atex compliant

Watch the explosion testing video of BFM® fitting in slow motion, demonstrating the strength of BFM® Seeflex 040E connectors. Read this article to see how BFM® can help prevent combustible dust explosions.

Clean-in-Place with BFM®

This is a video of the BFM® fitting used during the CIP (Clean in Place) process. There is no leakage from the BFM® fitting and the transparent connector gives a clear window where you can see the whole process.

BFM® fitting in vacuum applications

BFM® fittings are often used in applications where they are operating in vacuum situations, typically where the plants are drying or processing dry powdered-type products and need the equipment to be under a slight negative pressure to avoid leaking dust out of machinery.

BFM® fitting in pressure applications

BFM® fitting's patented spigot and snap-fit cuff system means any internal pressure just pushes the cuff of the connector harder against the walls of the spigot, creating an even tighter seal. There is nowhere for product to leak or build-up as there are no crevices on the outside of the pipe for it to escape to.