A global sugar company in the UK had virtually given up on solving the problem of dust leaks in their rotary sifter room, where they had been using convoluted rubber connectors. The connectors only lasted an average of 5 days, and cleaning and plant maintenance was a constant challenge. Since installing the BFM® fitting system, however, dust has been reduced by 100% and the Chief Engineer of the company said that “you could hold a board meeting in the rotary sifter room now – it is spotless!”
Before BFM Image

The Challenge

The customer needed to reduce the considerable dust being generated in the rotary sifter room to both make their factory a hygienic operating environment and to reduce the very real risk of secondary explosion from sugar dust. They also wanted to significantly reduce the amount of production down-time spent replacing the rubber connectors that had an extremely short life (5 days on average).
After BFM

The Solution

A coned flow-correction ring was installed on the rotary sifter to help reduce abrasion on the connector by directing sugar away from the fitting. A standard length BFM® Seeflex fitting was used with an increased diameter to accommodate for the sifter throw. In addition to the much cleaner, dust free environment, the connector life has been increased from 5 days to 9 months – a substantial saving in downtime and maintenance.


No more regular shutdowns to replace worn hose-clips means productivity has been increased significantly.


No more product leakage into the plant means the overall plant hygiene has been improved with less clean-ups required.


The fast, snap-fit installation means replacing the BFM connector when required is now a quick and easy operation.
health and safety

Health & Safety

The plant is cleaner for production staff and the ease of replacement for engineering staff has reduced the need for tools and potential injury.