New Blue BFM® fitting

BFM® fitting connectors now have blue cuffs!

BFM fittings now blue

As of April 15th 2021, BFM fitting Seeflex connector will have a new look - distinctive BFM®-Blue cuffs and a blue "stamp" on the front. Nothing else has changed - all the important bits are still the same.

An important thing to remember is that BFM® fitting flexible snap-fit cuffs are still made of exactly the same material as they always have been - it's only the color that's changed.



Why did BFM® fittings change from white to blue cuffs?

BFM® 'blue' is the corporate color and the blue cuffs give the connectors an even more distinctive look.  Our product is unique in terms of its performance, and this change will make it easy to see you're purchasing a genuine BFM® fitting connector.

Is there any difference between the original white and the new blue cuff material?

Nope! It is exactly the same material from the same supplier made with the same raw materials.  The only thing that has changed is the white pigment has been replaced with a blue pigment.  The material composition specs are exactly the same.

Why have you put a BFM® blue 'brandstamp' on the front of all Seeflex connectors?

When a connector is fitted in place, the cuffs aren't easy to see, so this added visibility helps to easily see it's a genuine BFM® fitting connector!

Will there be two stamps on the connector if it's a TR (Tool Release), 040AS or Wash Sleeve?

No, the stamp for these products will incorporate both the BFM® logo and the identifying product type.

Will the Blue Brand Stamp be on all Connectors?

All Seeflex 040E, 020E and 060ES connectors (including ringed and tapered versions) and all bins and blanking caps will have the Blue Brand Stamp on them. The TR, 040AS and Wash Sleeve stamps will remain the same color but have a 'BFM' logo on them.  Because of the nature of the Flexi connectors' surface, we aren't able to apply a Brand Stamp to those connectors (although the cuffs will now be blue). All other connector material types (eg. Teflex NP and fabrics) will remain unchanged.

Do the new blue cuff's still comply with the same regulations as the white cuffs?

Yes, the material composition of the blue is exactly the same as the white cuffs. The silicon cuff is entirely encased in the Seeflex product and therefore does not actually come in contact with any product flowing through the connector. However, the silicon used still complies with both FDA and BGA recommendations for food grade silicon rubber products.

Can we still order white cuffed connectors?

White-cuffed connectors will only be sold until our stock has been depleted. Unfortunately, BFM fitting will no longer manufacture any white-cuffed connectors.