Seeflex 060ES is now more transparent!

Pressure-Resistant BFM® Connector now provides better visibilty

BFM Seeflex 060ES

To help customers see their product flow through the pressure-resistant BFM® connector,  the weave of the polyester scrim that is bonded between the outer Seeflex layers has been slightly modified on the Seeflex 060ES.

The polyester scrim now has a slightly more open weave which increases visibility through the connector walls, enabling you to easily see your product flow.

This new weave does not change the performance of the connector and the pressure resistance is unaffected.  (It will still operate comfortably in up to 1.3 bar of continuous pressure).

Seeflex 060ES updated for more visibility

The updated Seeflex 060ES has been through rigorous testing to ensure it performs just as well as the previous one. You can rest assured that there are no changes to any of the product specifications.