Teflex NP with support rings

Teflex NP connectors are now available with stainless steel support rings

BFM® now offers their popular Teflex NP connectors with support rings.

The incredibly versatile Teflex NP connectors can now be used successfully under vacuum as the integral stainless steel support rings keep the connector walls open under negative pressure. These rings keep your connector open and your product flowing. 

The longer the connector, the more the vacuum pressure sucks the connector wall inwards, restricting air and product flow. While many popular BFM® media have an option for integral support rings, the Teflex NP with support rings is a new product, created specifically for our customer's unique application. 

As a general rule for vacuum applications, the maximum length of the BFM® connector should be no longer than its diameter without support rings. For example, a 100mm (4") diameter BFM® connector should be no more than 100mm (4") long. We recommend that if you have a connector 200mm (8") or longer being used under vacuum, support rings should definitely be considered.

The maximum number of rings on a single Teflex NP is 8 rings for diameter between 150 mm to 500 mm (nominal 6-in to 20-in) and 6 rings for diameters 100 mm & 125 mm (nominal 4-in & 5-in.)

The flexiblefittings Advantage

Our customer had a unique application - high temperature, vibration, and slight vacuum to prevent gases from escaping the system. Our in-house engineer reviewed the application, sized the connector, guided the install, and worked with BFM® to see if they could manufacture the Teflex NP with rings. Partnered with BFM® Global - the creator of this revolutionary patented technology - we were able to resolve the customer's airflow issues and they couldn't be more pleased.

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