Weighing Bellows

BFM® connector designed for loss-in-weight & dosing applications

The BFM® Weighing Bellows is designed to minimize resistance transfer on weighing equipment.

Made from our super strong but flexible urethane-based Seeflex 040E material, the BFM® Weighing Bellows won't fracture as a result of constant flexing.

Snap-fit connector & spigot design ensures fast, accurate installation every time connector is removed & replaced.

Designed for applications where precise weighing is required.

BFM Weighing Bellow
BFM fitting weighing bellows
Physical Properties
Surface Finish: Gloss/Gloss
Hardness (Shore A): 90
Wall Thickness (+/- 10%) 0.9 mm / 1/32 inch
Tensile Strength (MPa) 40
Operating Temp Range -25 to 80°C
Max Surge Temp 100°C / 212°F
Low Temp. Flexibility Good
Surface Resistivity (0hms) (Tested to ASTM D-257) 1010
100% Modulus (MPa) 8.0
300% Modulas (MPa) 15.6
Air Permeability 0
Dimensions Diameters: Ø100mm (4"), Ø150mm (6")
Length: 80mm (3")

Accurate installation of BFM® spigots is a critical step in ensuring the BFM® Weighing Bellows functions as designed. 

Video Transcript

Installing your BFM Spigots for Weighing Bellows:

Having the correct installation gap (IG) is extremely important for optimal performance.

Spigots for Weighing Bellows must be installed exactly 80mm (3 5/32") apart.

All Weighing Bellows connectors are the same height and the installation gap must be 80mm (3 5/32") for optimal performance.

Top & bottom spigots must be aligned vertically with no offset.

What is the BFM® Weighing Bellows?

Watch this video to hear from a BFM® expert explaining why the BFM® Bellows is an ideal connector for loss-in-weight applications.

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