What are BFM Boots?

BFM® Boots are 100% sealed, snap-in flexible connectors that interlock and disconnect from spigots without any tools.

With BFM® boots, enhanced operation is a SNAP!


Featuring a sanitary sleeve design, a unique ability to seal even tighter under high pressure conditions, and a tool-free quick-snap installation, BFM® fittings bring immediate improvements to your process. Replace your inefficient hose & clamp connectors with the cleaner, safer, and more efficient BFM® boot.

Say goodbye to dusty band-clamps!

Leading global manufacturers of chemical, food, and pharmaceuticals are switching to BFM® fitting system across all their facilities.

  • No hose clamps means changeouts are fast & convenient
  • Greater dust control with dust-tight BFM boots
  • No cross contamination as BFM boots are 100% sealed
  • BFM boots can be used in vacuum applications
  • Reduced downtime with snap-in BFM boots
  • Perfect fit every time with standardized parts
  • Safer facilities as BFM boots are overpressure & explosion proof


Hose and Clamp Sleeve

With traditional hose, clamps and flexible sleeves, powder buildups and chronic powder leakage are threats to your manufacturing plant and product lines, exposing your process to potentially dangerous contamination. Powder leakage can result from loose fitting clamps or out of round piping.


BFM boots

BFM® boots are designed to provide a safe manufacturing process by ensuring a smooth crevice free connection. Powder does not become trapped in the connector, minimizing the chance for cross contamination. The snap band forms a positive seal, preventing powder from leaking to atmosphere.

Want to learn more about BFM® boots?


Contact us to get in touch with a BFM® application expert that can review your process and provide free technical assistance, assist with sizing your boot, and design & fabricate custom transitions to BFM® spigots.