What does BFM® stand for?

Good question! Users regularly query the internet wanting to know the meaning of BFM in BFM® fittings.

So, what is the meaning of BFM?

The BFM in BFM fittings stands for Blair Forres McPheat, the eponymous founder of this revolutionary cuffed flexible connector system.

The inventor of BFM fitting

What originated as a late night brain child of creator Blair McPheat is now trusted by some of the world’s largest companies! Now in thousands of processing plants across 40 countries, BFM® fitting sleeve and spigot system has truly transformed manufacturing.

BFM® means Better

Performing infinitely better than the hose-clamp system, BFM® offers better health & safety, regulatory compliance, and improved plant hygiene. With BFM® fitting's 100% sealed connection, say goodbye to dusty plants & product loss while create a healthier, safer, and compliant facility. BFM® fitting products have been independently tested and conform with the leading internationally recognized health and safety legislation.

BFM® means Faster

The BFM® connector snaps into place, which means no tools required for installs or changeovers. Connector failures, product leakage, and time-consuming changeovers eat into your profits. Significantly reduce downtime by switching to BFM®. How significant? Tyson saved around $225,000 a year in cleaning costs alone by switching to BFM®!


BFM® means More Durable

BFM® connectors are incredibly durable & long-lasting, and do not need to be replaced as often as the traditional hose. Moreover, BFM® is ATEX compliant and the connector seals tighter under pressure. The Seeflex range of connectors have been  explosion tested in excess of 60kPa.