What is a BFM fitting?

BFM® fittings are used anywhere industrial equipment needs to connect as part of a manufacturing process. A system of specially contoured stainless steel spigots with a snap-in, flexible, and tool-free connector, BFM® fitting dramatically improve plant hygiene, reduce downtime and increase efficiency. Watch the BFM fitting video below to watch the system in action.

Benefits of standardization with BFM® fitting


BFM can simplify & standardize your inventory. Watch this video to see how BFM makes it easy to order spares, keep less inventory on hand, reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

BFM® is a valuable partner to equipment manufacturers


The quality of your machinery can be affected by your customer's low quality hose & clamp system once your equipment is connected to their production lines. Watch this video to see why leading global equipment manufacturers are including BFM® on their equipment before it leaves the factory.